Welcome to Brookfield Accommodation!

Brookfield Accommodation is a student focused, self-catering complex and is popular with residents, both international and domestic, who wish to cook for themselves, live an independent lifestyle and appreciate the security of living within a community atmosphere.

We have students living here from all corners of the world and who are studying at places like Waikato University, Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), Sir George Seymour Travel and Tourism College and many others.

We strive to provide a friendly community atmosphere and maintain a quiet, open, fun, safe environment. We look at Brookfield Accommodation as an international community with all the normal conventions of any society which includes residents and management all being accountable for creating a well structured living place that will allow you, as a student to concentrate on your main focus - your studies.

We are within 1.5km from Waikato University and a short drive from down town Hamilton. We have bus stops just around the corner that go to town and right past the University.

We have single rooms with self contained bathrooms and single rooms with shared facilities. We have a games room with a large kitchen for all to share and enjoy.

We hope you will enjoy your stay here at Brookfield Accommodation and as from the mouth of many previous residents ‘we are a great place to live, study and make lasting friendships. It's a home away from home.’